This is a five-day-long program.

Threats against high-profile persons require the officers protecting them to have a specific set of skills. Regular police, security, or military training isn’t enough. That’s why professionals working on these types of assignments should ensure their agency provides them executive and dignitary protection training to make sure they are ready to handle a VIP protection assignment without incident.


Executive and dignitary protection is much different from most assignments. LEOs assigned to protect high-risk or high-profile individuals must provide security on a higher level than a typical law enforcement assignment.
Officers may get assigned as executive and dignitary protection for CEOS, celebrities, and even sports stars facing a death threat.

The students will learn skills and techniques to successfully conduct or support protection missions for Principals that are high profile or have an increased risk of threats. Students are taught to use organized protective service details (teams), escort formations, motorcade operations, advances, surveys, and plans to carry out these missions. Students will participate in lecture presentations, practical exercises in controlled environments, and exercises in public settings.

This class is restricted to certified law enforcement, security, or military.

Accommodation Options

If you need lodging, CLETA has an MOU with the Magnolia Inn for rooms to be reserved at $65.00 per night, which includes a hot breakfast and Wi-Fi. Their phone number is (601) 424-4400.

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