Staff Instructor

Address: 182 Partnership Way, Suite-A, Columbia, MS 39429

John Douglas is the Drug Court Coordinator for the 14th Circuit Court of the State of Mississippi. Agent Douglas also serves as a field agent for the drug court. Agent Douglas is the owner and lead instructor of Foulkon Group Tactical, LLC. Foulkon Group provides training and protective services to law enforcement, military, and civilians. Agent Douglas’s 26-year security and law enforcement career is highlighted by being a patrol officer for the City of Brookhaven Police Department. After four years on patrol, Agent Douglas was assigned to a narcotics enforcement unit. Agent Douglas served 11 years as an agent with Southwest Mississippi Multi-jurisdictional Narcotics Enforcement Unit. In 2003, Agent Douglas was promoted to Deputy Commander/Acting Commander of the Unit. In 2011, Agent Douglas was chosen to oversee the operation of the 14th Circuit Drug Court Program for the State of Mississippi.

During his service, Agent Douglas has worked as a training coordinator, narcotics agent, undercover operative, SWAT team member, sniper/counter-sniper team leader, DEA clandestine laboratory technician, site safety supervisor, incident command system instructor, NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, and protective service agent and instructor.

As a training coordinator, Agent Douglas has conducted in-service training and programs for numerous law enforcement agencies, police academies, the Mississippi and Tennessee Associations of Drug Court Professionals, and the MS Judiciary just to name a few. Agent Douglas studied criminal justice at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has completed training conducted by the FBI and DEA at Quantico, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy, FEMA, Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy at Glynco, GA, the Institute for Intergovernmental Research, New Mexico Technical Energetic Materials Research/Testing Center, the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Academy of Counter-Terrorism, along with many others.

Agent Douglas is a member of numerous national and state professional associations. He has been a lecturer and trainer for many associations, churches, and schools on the topics of drug abuse, security, and protection, and has been featured on Trigger Time TV. Agent Douglas is married to Heather and has a 21-year-old daughter, Abi, who is a student at the University of Southern Mississippi.