Course participants will learn the basic principles and concepts of precision scoped rifle, foundational marksmanship, and fieldcraft skills as it applies to Law Enforcement operations. These objectives will be met over five (5) days by classroom presentation and practical exercises.  Course topics include the anatomy and care of the precision rifle, minutes of angle/ milliradians, ballistics, fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, developing rifle data books, low light operations, versatile and practical shooting positions. Participants will be exposed to cover and concealment concepts, operating, and building hides in urban and woodland settings. Participants will have the opportunity to test the limitations of their skills and equipment on a 1000-yard range.

Required Materials

  • Scoped rifle capable of consistent groups. Scope adjustments will be made frequently throughout the range portion. We have demo rifles available for rent IF you arrange it in advance.
  • Rifle Bipod (recommended) or sandbag. A backpack stuffed with a parka will work for some. A rear rest bag will be helpful.
  • Rifle Strap. A strap is not just a way to carry your rifle, which is used as a stabilization tool. Big box discount stores sell excellent nylon adjustable straps (this is what I use).
  • Hearing and eye protection.
  • At least 300 rounds of quality ammunition for rifle and 50 rounds of practice ammunition for duty sidearm. (If you are using reloaded or hand-loaded ammo, we must know).
  • Appropriate clothing. We are lying on the ground in a field while shooting during class. Rain gear may be needed.
  • Large (Fat) sharpie type marker, pen, and pocket-size notebook.

Recommended Materials

  • Shooting mat (some type of ground cover)
  • A spotting scope (not required)
  • Calculator (or phone app)
  • Rifle cleaning equipment. Rod, bore brush, patch tips (jag), patches, solvent, oil, denatured or Isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, or rags.
  • a small pair of pruning shears

Questions About This Training?