Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course
08:00am March 6, 2023 to 05:00pm March 10, 2023

The Columbia Law Enforcement Training Academy is hosting the Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course in Brookhaven, MS.

Course participants will learn the basic principles and concepts of precision scoped rifle, foundational marksmanship, and field craft skills as it applies to Law Enforcement operations. These objectives will be met over five (5) days through classroom presentations and practical exercises. Course topics include the anatomy and care of the precision rifle, minutes of angle/ milliradians, ballistics, fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, developing rifle data books, low light operations, and versatile and practical shooting positions.

Participants will be exposed to concepts of cover and concealment, operating and building hides in urban and woodland settings, and land navigation. Participants will have the opportunity to test the limitations of their skills and equipment on a 700-yard range.

Our staff for this course includes 25-plus-year law enforcement veteran John Douglas. John, the owner and lead instructor of Foulkon Group Tactical, has been a law enforcement firearms instructor for most of his career. His NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications include pistol, shotgun, and precision rifle. John is an instructor for numerous tactical and SWAT courses. He has been trained by legendary military and law enforcement pistol and sniper instructors. His law enforcement career includes patrol, SWAT entry team, SWAT sniper team leader, training coordinator, sniper instructor, Carbine/AR instructor, narcotics agent, and protective service agent.


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