Firearms Instructor Program (Handgun/Shotgun)
08:00am May 9, 2022 to 05:00pm May 13, 2022
Natchez Police Dept. Range, Natchez, MS Get directions

This firearms instructor development program will provide experienced officers with the
instructional skills and detailed training that will allow them to equip their students with proper
firearms handling skills (handgun & shotgun).
This is a BLEOST-approved program.


  • Minimum three years of law enforcement, military, or security experience with departmental
    approval for attendance
  • Laptop with PowerPoint program
  • Duty standard semi-automatic handgun and holster, with a minimum of three (3)
    Magazines and double or triple magazine pouch
  • 12-gauge pump shotgun with sling
  • 700 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • 50 rounds of 7 ½ 12-gauge shells, 25 00 buckshot, and 25 Slugs
  • Eye and ear protection


  • Columbia Law Enforcement Training Academy