Tactical Vehicle Intervention Certification
All day - March 29, 2023
CLETA, 182 Partnership way Suite-A, Columbia, MS 39429 Get directions

Police Pursuits pose extreme danger to law enforcement officers and citizens. It is one of the few police acts that places direct danger to a third party, the innocent civilian. Due to this danger, police agencies have looked for methods to reduce the danger in police pursuits.

The Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) or Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI) has gained wider acceptance in recent years as a viable solution to ending pursuits safely. This technique is not new to law enforcement. Originating over two decades ago with the California Highway Patrol, the Pursuit Intervention Technique has a long history of success.
In most Use of Force Policies, TVI is considered to be a possible Deadly Force technique, so training and certification is required.

This is an 8-hour course and also includes Spike Strip and Stinger certifications.
Cost: $150.00


  • Columbia Law Enforcement Training Academy



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